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In March of 2020, a global pandemic declared war upon our physical and mental health.

The governments and world leaders issued guidance to protect our physical health.

But we were left on our own to deal with repercussions on our mental health.

For me, I found solace in music. Which, was surprising. I started playing guitar at the age of 13, but over the last ten years, I slowly laid the axe down to rest as film production and editing took its place in my life.

Whilst film is my primary interest, it's also my job. I still need a hobby.

I implore you all to find a hobby. It cannot be your job.

So, in March this year, the feeling of dread and anxiety washed over me like a tsunami with great force, and I picked up my old friend, my guitar, and began playing. The tide subsided and I washed up on the shore of my own peacefulness.

Years ago, I had been obsessed with ambient music and wished dearly that I knew how to create it. I couldn't afford all the effects pedals and recording equipment. But now, since working on a range of audio projects for BBC Sounds and doing some sound design work in film, I had acquired a new skill with Logic Pro X. I had all the effects I could need, the software and the inspiration.  So I began.

I'm not a professional musician or recording engineer, nor would I ever claim to be. I'm simply just enjoying myself.

My music tends to be ambient guitar swells, lost in drones and audio textures. A sound to sleep to.

It's nothing special. But hopefully one person somewhere will find it soothing and calming. That's all I want.

I have chosen the artist name of Nepenthe, because the definition is:

"A drug described in Homer's Odyssey as banishing grief or trouble from a person's mind."

And this seemed to best describe what my music does for me, personally.

My debut release is called The Quiet Adventure and was released on 29th June 2020.

It features a collection of songs recorded during the lockdown period and is available on all the usual major platforms.


1) Going To Go In The Garden

2) The Quiet Adventure

3) The Light That Shimmers Through The Rain

4) Safe In Sound

5) I Washed Up On The Shore Of My Own Memory

6) Take A Moment To Slow Time

You can listen to it now on Spotify by clicking the link below.


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